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FIRST in STEM podcast featured image
Jul 13

Introducing the FIRST in STEM Podcast

Introducing FIRST in STEM. A podcast created by FIRST in Texas to share the stories behind student-led K-12 robotics teams, coaches, mentors, volunteers, workforce partners and FIRST leadership in the … Read More

A group of FIT students utilizing soft skills to solve problems.
Jul 02

Discovering Soft Skills and Their Increasing Importance in the Workplace

Imagine that you’re a hiring manager looking for someone to fill a computer programming position. You have two final candidates. One has a strong resume including evidence of superior programming … Read More

May 19

Patrick Felty Named Executive Director

FIRST in Texas announced that its Board of Directors has named Patrick Felty to the position of Executive Director, effective immediately. Felty previously served as the Development Director at FIRST … Read More

stem advocacy helps a pair of young kids advance their futures
May 01

What STEM Advocacy Really Means (And Why It’s a Game Changer for Kids)

Advocacy of STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Math) in our education systems and communities is life-changing for young Texans. Just ask Paula. At nine years old, Paula’s favorite subject is math. … Read More