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Changes to 2024 FIRST World Championship for FIRST Robotics Competition


FIRST announced today significant changes to the FIRST Robotics Competition portion of the 2024 FIRST World Championship being held in April, 2024 at George R Brown Convention Center in Houston, Texas.

Here are the quick takeaways from the notice from FIRST to all teams world-wide.

  • Registration for the FIRST World Championship – FRC has increased $750.00 a team to a total of $5,750
  • Total team participation is being reduced from 624 to 600 teams.

We encourage all of the FIRST Robotics competitions teams competing in the Texas District to read the full announcement from FIRST.

FIRST in Texas was notified regarding these changes at the same time as the general robotics community. We do not know how the reduction in team attendance will impact our historical advancement opportunities and have asked for clarifications from FIRST. Also, due to the timing of this announcement, we are not able to increase the annual financial support for those qualifying teams due to our budget being done in August. We need all teams that perform well in game play / judging during the 2024 season to start early securing funds for the increase in funding as we will be unable to help with that gap this season.


UPDATE:  We have received confirmation from FIRST – FIRST Robotics Competition leadership that Texas should not see any reduction in its typical advancement from Texas to World Championship. Please note the Eligibility Criteria from FIRST.

Pre-qualified teams do not subtract an advancement slot at our 2024 FRC State Championship.

Thank you all for being part of the FIRST in Texas family.