COVID-19 Updates

**Season guidelines for 2021-2022**

In accordance with the recent executive orders from the Governor of Texas, and in the interest of the health and safety of all FIRST® in Texas participants, volunteers, spectators, and staff, we have developed an updated set of guidelines for the upcoming season. These guidelines are a basic foundation of safety and are subject to change based on the rules and requirements of any competition or practice venues.

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FIRST® in Texas is actively monitoring the rapidly evolving COVID-19 situation across Texas. We are in communication with our local / state health officials, event hosts and community partners and we will adjust operations as needed based on their recommendations. Updates will post here, be sent to team points of contact, and shared through FIRST® in Texas social media channels.


Update: January 25, 2022

Current Event Guidance: ALL PROGRAMS

  • We ask all participants to pre-screen themselves before attending one of our events. If you are feeling unwell or showing signs/symptoms of COVID-19, stay home and follow the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) guidelines on appropriate quarantining safety measures.
  • The attendance at any FIRST® in Texas event is optional for all participants, spectators, and volunteers. We are actively using approved onsite safety measures at all of our events, but there is currently a reasonable risk of being exposed to COVID-19 across Texas. We ask all to use their own judgement in determining if attending one of our events is appropriate for them.
  • We strongly encourage all volunteers and participants to vaccinate and boost against the COVID-19 virus if that is appropriate for you.
  • For those participants and volunteers that are unable to vaccinate, we ask that you rapid test using an approved COVID-19 test kit within 36 hours prior to an event and receive a negative result.
  • We strongly encourage all volunteers and participants to wear an approved KN-95 / N-95 mask while attending any FIRST® in Texas event; especially when social distancing is not possible.
  • Team members are encouraged to remain with their team during events, not move around unnecessarily, and to take frequent breaks outdoors when available.

Going Forward

We will continue to keep the FIRST® in Texas community informed of any changes should they occur. Should cancellations or rescheduling of events take place, we will coordinate with FIRST®, teams, venues, and statewide partners. We will continue to follow the recommendations of our local, state health officials and our event hosts. We will continue to monitor the ongoing situation and implement any additional safety measures needed before the start of the event. Some of the additional safety measures may be to limit the attendance by spectators and reducing the number of teams members in attendance. The safety of all event attendees – students, coaches, mentors, volunteers, spectators, partners, and sponsors – is of the utmost importance to FIRST® in Texas.

We encourage coaches to contact their local Program Delivery Partner (PDP) regarding any specific regional modifications to program delivery.

Some traditional event activities have either been suspended or modified across all of our programs:

  • shaking hands (suspended)
  • high-five lines at awards ceremonies (suspended)
  • dancing (suspended)
  • driver / coach / participant badge sharing (suspended)
  • alliance selection (modified)
  • award ceremonies (modified)

COVID-19 Information:

Texas Department of Health and Human Services

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention

World Health Organization – Basic Protective Measures

World Heath Organization – Mythbusters