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FIRST in Texas: Building a Learning Collaborative for Robotics Teachers

Our mission is to strengthen, support and sustain educational robotics programs in Texas offered during school and out of school time through content that is aligned to state standards, content specific curriculum, innovative professional learning communities, collaborative research and evaluation efforts.

FIRST in Texas has a vision for education which supports the transformation of the 21st century learning environment by offering:

• Cutting edge customizable hands on professional learning experiences

• Connecting educators to each other and industry

• Providing innovative resources that give educators the best understanding of how robots can be used as a vehicle to improve interest and academic achievement in science, math and computer science career pathways.

• Turnkey – ability to purchase kits separately

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Teaching and Learning Robotics Workshops for Educators

Robot P.A.L. (Professional Alliance of Leaders) Academies are communities of like-minded educators armed with the skills necessary to integrate coding and robotics into their classrooms.  Our workshop series is an effective way for schools, non-profits and home school educators to embark upon developing program leaders, teachers and out of school time mentors that value

  • Standards based activities
  • Rigor
  • Flexible implementation and assessment
  • High quality instruction that enhances student’s ability to think critically in subjects.

Robot PAL for LEGO® MINDSTORMS® is a four part series that introduces educators to essential elements of robotics: construction, coding, collaboration and competition.


FIRST in Texas Education – Mindstorms Robot P.A.L. Academies:

Recommended: Educators for Grades: 4th-8th Grades
Aligned to Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills (TEKS)

Robot Basics

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Science TEKS

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STEM Events

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FIRST LEGO LEAGUE Basics for the Classroom Educator (Intro)

Learn how to integrate technology into your science and math curriculum by using robots to actively engage your 21st Century learners. This one day 6-hour, hands-on workshop covers the  technical fundamentals of LEGO Mindstorm NXT/EV3 which every educator needs to begin an LEGO based robotics class or after school program.

Mindstorm Math- Teaching the Math TEKS with Robots (Intro)

Learn innovative approaches to designing lessons that embed hands on robotics learning experiences into the math classroom to increase academic achievement. Explore pedagogy and assessment best practices to ensure students understand concepts, engage with the world of robotics and change the landscape of how they view math.

Forces, Motion & Robots- Teaching the Science TEKS with Robots (Intermediate)

Learn how to get students actively engage in hands on problem solving learning.  In addition to the learning technical skills beyond basics robotics, educators learn how to teach key science and engineering principles such as force and motion, gear ratios and aerodynamics.

Authentic Assessment for S.T.E.M. using FIRST LEGO LEAGUE School Events (Intermediate)

Participants explore methods for coaching a FIRST LEGO League team from the classroom while teaching the essential knowledge and skills for science, technology and math.  This class is good preparation for educators learn to plan and implement school based robot teams and competitions.

Advanced Courses Available

  • Data & Machine Learning using LEGO® MINDSTORMS® EV3 Data Logging
  • Beyond Drag & Drop: C-based Coding for EV3 (RobotC or EV3Python)


FIRST in Texas Professional Development Educational Series

Robot WeDo Academies Series:

6-Hour Professional Development

database search iconRecommended:Educators for Grades: 4th-8th Grades

  • FIRST LEGO LEAGUE Jr. Basics for the Classroom Educator
  • Science Process Skill with LEGO WeDo2 Robots
  • Leveling Language Arts- WeDo2 I-Stories
  • Teaching Math & Science with WeDo2

Out of School Academies Courses:

  • 1. Lesson Planning for After School Robotics
  • 2. Numeracy & Literacy in After School Robotics
  • 3. Teaching Social Emotional Learning through Robotics

license certified icon Leadership Academies Courses:

  • More Than Robot-Creating Thematic Units for FLL/ FLL Jr.
  • Managing Robotics Classrooms, Communities & Competitions
  • Think. Plan. Act. Robotics: A Framework for Teaching Robotics
  • A School-wide Approach to STEM Robotics

FIRST® Certified Professional Development

FIRST Certified Professional Development is available for FIRST LEGO League Jr., FIRST LEGO League, and FIRSTTech Challenge and can be offered on site at your location or at one of our centrally located options. Learn more.