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FLL teams in Texas get to do the Texas Two-Step for registration! All FLL teams worldwide must register nationally with FIRST® to be considered an official FLL team and receive the annual challenge materials- that’s Step One. Next, FLL teams who wish to participate in local events must also register for each event they attend.


Initial registration for all FLL Teams is regulated by FIRST® headquarters, not FIRST® in Texas Foundation. In order to register as a FLL Team, the team’s coach and/or coordinator must Register with FIRST®, creating an individual profile and creating a team. If you are a veteran FLL Team, the system changed in 2016, so make sure to take some time to get acquainted with the new system.

After the team’s Lead Coach/Mentor has created a team, they will need to invite a 2nd Lead Coach/Mentor/Contact for the team. Both coaches must be screened through FIRST®‘s Youth Protection Program. The Lead Coach/Mentor also needs to invite each team member’s parent/guardian to register their child for the team. The purpose of this registration process is to ensure that all the necessary paperwork has been completed and is received byFIRST®.

For complete information on FLL Registration, you can visit the FIRST® LEGO League Registration Homepage.


FIRST® in Texas hosts registration for Texas FLL events in some regions of the state. Other event information can be found in our Upcoming Events calendar; events will be posted to the calendar as they are finalized. To register for qualifiers, there is a fee (depending on region) per team, per qualifier. Before registering for a specific event, each to team will receive an invoice and must pay their event registration before they receive access to the FIRST® in Texas Event Registration System.

You can also search for local events in Texas here.