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    What is the District Model Competition Structure?

    • Each team attends two District Events (no more than 42 teams per event)
    • Teams qualify for the District Championship based on performance at their first two District Events
    • Teams qualify for the World Championship in Houston based on performance at their first two District Events and the District State Championship

    Where and when will the District Events be held?

    • A list of this season’s District Events locations and dates can be found HERE

    What is the District Event Schedule?

    • District Model events are shorter than Regional competitions that our veteran teams are accustomed to.
      • There is no practice day at District events. Instead, teams get
    • Teams arrive to load in, work on their robot, and complete inspection from 5PM to 10PM on the day before the competition starts. This is either Thursday or Friday depending on whether the event is a Friday-Saturday or Saturday-Sunday event.
    • Competition matches take place over two days, either Friday-Saturday or Saturday-Sunday.
    • A sample schedule can be found HERE.
    • As noted above, inspection will occur when the pits are open during the first evening.
    • Practice matches are not guaranteed due to schedule constraints.

    Can our team opt out of the District Model?

    • No. FIRST HQ requires that all teams compete in the District Model once their state/region transitions. This includes all Texas and New Mexico teams.

    Why are New Mexico teams competing in the Texas District Events? For how long?

    • New Mexico FRC teams, with no events in their state or nearby, have regularly competed in our West Texas events.
    • By including New Mexico, we are able to support their teams and help them eventually grow large enough to have their own events.
    • Including New Mexico benefits Texas by helping populate our West Texas events.
    • We will work together with New Mexico so that they are able to grow and maintain approximately 24 stable teams before they split off.

    Can Texas and New Mexico teams compete out of Texas? Can any other teams from outside of Texas compete in Texas?

    • Texas and New Mexico teams, and teams from other District areas, can register for open spots in Districts other than their own, but must first register for their District events and register for other Districts during the Inter-District Registration period.
    • Texas and New Mexico teams can compete at out of state Regionals, but must first register for their District events and register for Regionals during the Unrestricted Regionals Registration period.
    • Teams in existing Regional areas can not compete in Texas.

    Why are teams in some areas still playing at Regional events out of the state?

    • FIRST encourages areas to move to the District Model once they have reached certain team thresholds. Many areas are not yet suited for this model.
    • Transitioning to the District Model is a lengthy, difficult process. Texas has been considering and working on transitioning to the District Model since at least 2012.

    Why might some FIRST in Texas teams play at out of state Regionals in addition to their Districts events?

    • Teams will each have their own unique reasons, which may include:
      • Desire to travel to some place outside the region.
      • Getting to play with teams they won’t see at their own World Championship (Detroit Championship teams)
      • Affiliations with teams from other regions.
      • Additional attempts to qualify for the World Championship.
    • Only a small number of teams are expected to do this. It is much more cost effective to play in-District.

    Why will you allow some teams to play a third district? Isn’t this an unfair advantage?

    • While this does give additional playing time to some teams, unlike additional events in the Regional model, results do not impact team advancement.
    • All teams who wish to play at an additional event are allowed to register for these available slots or to get on a waitlist. All teams have equal opportunity to register for a 3rd event.

    What happens with the UIL State Championship?

    • The UIL State Championship is integrated into the District State Championship, but in no way alters anything about the competition.
    • UIL teams will be recognized at a completely separate awards ceremony in combination with the co-occurring FIRST Tech Challenge UIL State Championship.

    Registration Fee

    • Paid to FIRST HQ, includes two District Events and Kit of Parts:
      • Rookie Teams: $6,000
      • Veteran Teams: $5,000
    • This pricing is set by FIRST HQ, not FIRST in Texas.
    • FIRST in Texas receives $1,000 from FIRST HQ for each team participating in the FIRST in Texas District Model. The rest of the money stays with FIRST HQ.

    Registration Fee for 3rd District Play

    • $1,000 paid to FIRST HQ, goes back to FIRST in Texas

    District State Championship Fee

    • $4,000 paid to FIRST HQ
    • This pricing is set by FIRST HQ, not FIRST in Texas. It is the equivalent price to attending a 2nd Regional event.
    • FIRST in Texas receives no revenue from team registration for this event. We will fund and produce the District State Championship event entirely from sponsorships.

    Houston World Championship Fee

    • $5,000 paid to FIRST HQ
    • FIRST in Texas receives no revenue from team registration for this event.

    Why can’t we attend just one District Event for half the price?

    • The pricing of the event registration is controlled by FIRST HQ, not FIRST in Texas.
    • Teams can attend just one District event, but would still have to pay the full registration fee and would be ineligible to compete at any additional official events.

    How do teams qualify for the District Championship?

    • 64 teams will qualify for and receive invitations to the District Championship.
    • Spots are filled by:
      • 10 District Event Chairman’s Award Recipients
      • Top 54 ranked teams based on points calculation can be in the Tournaments section of the Game Manual – Updated documentation will be made available at Kickoff

    How do teams qualify for the Houston World Championship?

    • The number of FIRST in Texas teams qualifying for and receiving invitations to the Houston World Championship is still to be determined.
    • Last season, spots are filled by:
      • 3 District Championship Chairman’s Award recipients
      • 2 District Championship Engineering Inspiration Award recipients
      • 2 Rookie All Star Award recipients
      • 3 District Championship Winning Alliance teams (can also include a backup team)
      • 28 additional teams based on their total ranking points from the District Events and the District State Championship (x3 compared to District Events)
        • Teams that qualify at a traditional Regional Event will take from these allocated spots
    • Pre-qualified teams will receive invitations, but will NOT take from these allocated spots
    • Teams invited from the waitlist will receive invitations, but will NOT take from these allocated spots
    • FIRST in Texas will also be sending Dean’s List Award Finalists to the World Championship. The number is still to be announced.

    How is Qualification Ranking determined?

    • The points formula replaces the standard win-loss-tie point value system at Regionals by considering the team’s overall performance at their events.
    • Teams receive Qualification Ranking points at their events (first 2 FIRST in Texas District Events, District State Championship) based on:
      • Qualification Round Performance (formula accounting for number of teams at an event)
      • Alliance Captain Status
      • Alliance Selection Draft Order Acceptance
      • Playoff Advancement Round Participation
      • Judged Team Awards
      • Team Age (Rookie and 2nd Year Teams receive points)
    • Points earned at the District Championship are multiplied by three and then added to the points earned at District events to determine the final season point total for the team.
    • More details about this points calculation can be in the Tournaments section of the Game Manual

    Will teams’ point progress be publicly tracked through the season?

    • FIRST posts information on district points and rankings on HERE.

    Why don’t District Event winners get to automatically go to the District State Championship?

    • One of the core concepts of the District Model is that teams now play a season, not a single event. As such, the results of any single event are secondary to a team’s overall season performance.
    • Teams advance based on their cumulative season points. Winning an event gets a team a lot of ranking points, but they may still require a decent showing at the second event in order to advance.

    If a team plays at 3 district events, why can’t they use the results from their 2 best events, rather than using the results of the first 2 Texas events?

    • Teams usually perform better at their 2nd and 3rd events (practice makes perfect) which would provide an unfair advantage to teams who are not able to attend a 3rd event.