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FTC Lutheran High School Team


Lutheran HS collageFeatured on todays show, FIRST Tech Challenge Team 4549, Mustang Robotics. They are from Lutheran High School in San Antonio, Texas. We hear from Gareth Lawrence (programming) and Scott Semian (build) who share the story behind their FIRST robotics journey.

Through the FIRST Tech Challenge program Scott went from tool and build novice to tool and build expert. Which has also become a beneficial skill outside of robotics. Scott offers insight into how he was able to develop his build skills through FIRST.

Gareth was bitten by the robot programming bug early when he purchased a robot kit online as part of an 8th grade science fair project. His scope of programming knowledge has expanded considerably since tinkering with that original robot. Gareth shares tips on how future FIRST Tech Challenge robotics team members can get started with programming.

Part of the #30Teams30Days series of interviews shining a spotlight on robotics teams from across the Alamo FIRST Region.