Grant Cycle

FIRST® in Texas Grant Cycle: 2023-2024


Grant Applications Open on August 1st, 2023

Round One


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Round Two

Round Three

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After January

Available grants will continue to be awarded as available; application remains open until the end of the school year if grants are still available.

Grant Processing Schedule

FIRST® in Texas processes grant award checks, grant reimbursement checks, vendor credits, etc. on a monthly basis.

Teams who receive Grant Awards will need to submit the required forms, paperwork, and information by the “Date Due” above in order to be included in the next Grant Funds Processing cycle. All grant forms, paperwork, and payment information must be submitted via Submittable. The “Grant Funds Processed” date is when you can expect checks to be in the mail or purchase orders for credits to be sent to vendors. It make take time for the funds to be applied by vendors to your account (see “Vendor Credit Schedule” below. Contact us at with any questions; remember to include your TEAM ID in the subject line.

Vendor Credit Schedule

For FIRST® Robotics Competition teams who receive TWC Grants and FIRST® Tech Challenge teams who receive TWC Grants and choose to have all or part of their grant funds sent to AndyMark, REV Robotics, and/or FIRST®, vendor credit requests will be processed on a monthly basis (see dates above).

FIRST® in Texas sends purchase orders to all vendors by the Grant Funds Processed date. Funds sent to FIRST® will appear in your Dashboard initially as a Purchase Order, which is a promise to FIRST® from FIRST® in Texas to cover the awarded fees; your fees are considered “secured”. All vendors send invoices FIRST® in Texas on their own schedule and FIRST® processes the invoice and sends payment soon after.

AndyMark or REV Robotics will contact you via email at the email address associated with your Submittable account. Please allow at least 2 weeks to receive information from the vendors on how to use your grant funds. If you have not heard from the vendor(s) by 2 weeks after the “Grant Funds Processed” date listed above, please reach out to