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On this page you will find information regarding the Texas Active Rookie Partnership (TARP) Grant.  Please email info@firstintexas.org for questions and to express interest.

What is the TARP grant?

This grant is designed to assist with FIRST Robotics Competition team development in Texas by asking Veteran teams to identify and mentor new Rookie teams in their area. Veteran teams partnering with a new Rookie team, assisting them with their team development before the season begins, mentoring them through the build season, and actively assisting them at one regular season event in Texas for two consecutive seasons will be considered for this grant. Funding for this grant is made possible by generous contributions from the Argosy Foundation.

How much funding will teams receive?

This is a two-year grant and will be paid out in two separate portions to the Veteran team at the end of each season if deliverables have been met. The total Veteran grant is for $3,500 per partnership ($1,500 to be paid at the end of the first season and $2,000 to be paid at the end of the second season). Veteran teams can choose how their grant funds are used and can share them with their Rookie team if desired.

New this season, each Rookie team will receive a $2,000 equipment and materials grant that will be paid directly to the Rookie team at the beginning of the season. FIRST in Texas will provide a list of recommended equipment and materials to the partners. The partners should work together to determine how the Rookie team should spend the funds.

Who is eligible for this grant?

Any veteran Texas FRC team in at least their 4th year of participation in FIRST Robotics Competition is eligible. Teams that have previously not participated in the TARP Program will receive priority for participation in the event of more teams applying for the program than can be supported.

The Rookie team must meet FIRST headquarters’ definition of a Rookie team (https://www.firstinspires.org/resource-library/frc/rookie-team-criteria). If a Rookie team is from the same school/organization or has shared mentors with the Veteran team, that Rookie team is not qualified for grant consideration. Although this criteria was not previously enforced in earlier TARP season, this is now a strict requirement.

What does a team have to do to be considered for this grant?

The Veteran team must notify FIRST in Texas as soon as they have identified the Rookie team they will be partnering with. FIRST in Texas Staff and Senior Mentors will determine who is accepted for this grant and can nominate teams.

The partnered teams must complete and return a ‘TARP Guidelines and Deliverables Agreement’ within two weeks of being notified by FIRST in Texas that you have been accepted to the program. FIRST in Texas will review the agreement and provide feedback as needed. At the end of the competition season, both teams must complete surveys from FIRST in Texas to receive funding. Teams that do not meet expectations will not receive funding and will be dropped from the program.

Both teams must also complete the FIRST in Texas grant application (www.firstintexas.org/grants) to receive funding. The grant application opens on August 31st.

Does development and mentoring of a team in any other FIRST program (FLL or FTC) count towards this grant?

No. Only the development and mentoring of a Rookie FRC team will be considered.

Can FIRST in Texas help the veteran team with identifying a Rookie team or guidance on Rookie mentorship?

Yes. Just communicate what FIRST in Texas can do to assist. We plan to have monthly TARP calls for teams to ask questions and share best practices.

Can a Veteran team mentor more than one Rookie in a season? 

Yes, but only one first year Rookie team may be mentored per season. In consecutive years, the Veteran will continue to mentor their second year Rookie team and may mentor a new first year Rookie team at the same time.

If your team is interested in participating in this grant program or has any questions, please reach out to info@firstintexas.org.