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FTC Kickoff – Gulf Coast

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FTC Kickoff – Waco

TX – Central Austin Metro League Kickoff

TX Gulf Coast Kickoff

TX San Antonio Metro Area Leagues Kickoff

TX Waco Kickoff

TX-Central GCML Kickoff

Rev Robotics Kits

Rev Robotics KitsWe are excited to have 30 new Rev robotics FTC kits in inventory to help spark new growth in the FTC family across Texas! These robots are available to all … Continue reading Rev Robotics Kits

FTC Kickoff September 18th, 2021!

FTC Kickoff September 18th, 2021!Transportation drives us forward – impacting economies, bridging cultures, and making us all more globally interconnected. FIRST® Tech Challenge teams will race against time to transport hard-to-move essential goods as they … Continue reading FTC Kickoff September 18th, 2021!

FLL 2021-2022 Season Launched!

FLL 2021-2022 Season Launched!In the 2021-2022 season, FIRST® FORWARDSM presented by Qualcomm, FIRST® teams will explore the future of transportation. From the shipment of packages in rural and urban areas, to disaster relief delivery and high-tech air transit, … Continue reading FLL 2021-2022 Season Launched!