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Dell “Leaving Your Legacy” Business Plan Challenge


Congratulations to the “Leaving Your Legacy” Winner!

Lady cans – #2881
Girls Scouts – austin, tx


Congratulations to the “Leaving Your Legacy” Finalists!



LASA Robotics – #418
Lasa High school –
Austin, tx



SPECTRUM – #3847




Dell 'Leaving Your Legacy' Business Plan Challenge


The Business Plan Challenge is:

  • A challenge offered to any interested FRC team, giving them an opportunity to work with Dell leaders to develop their presentation skills, improve their business plans, and further their sustainability of their team, as well as a chance to promote their vision for STEM Education in Texas
  • A two-stage challenge.
    • The first stage involves teams submitting modified versions of their business plan(s), along with a video of the presentation of their plans, to a team of judges and business mentors.  From these submissions, the judges will identify three teams to “advance” as finalists.
    • The second stage finalists will continue to work with these mentors, developing versions of their plans that they will present to a select group of Dell Executives at a meeting in Austin, TX on July 15th.
  • A high-stakes challenge.  From one of the three finalists, Dell Executives will select the team they feel has the best business plan to support that team’s vision for the promotion of both STEM Education and FIRST itself, as well as the long-term sustainability of their team.
    • The selected team will then be awarded a $3000 “investment” from Dell to be used in support their proposal.
    • The two other finalists will receive a $500 “investment” from Dell to be used in support their proposal.



Any FRC team who meet the below requirements are eligible to compete in the challenge.

  • The team must meet all submission requirements and deadlines
  • The team must have three (3) members and their FRC robot present in Austin on July 15th if selected as a finalist
  • The team must have (at least) three students and a coach at the presentation
  • The coach should also be the one who serves as the primary coach for the team
  • Students should be in 12th grade at the oldest, if a student is not eligible to compete in the 2015 FRC Season, they are not permitted at the challenge