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Mentoring is an important part of all the FIRST® programs. To learn more about mentoring and how to become a mentor, have a look at the information below.

For specific mentoring questions, contact the FIRST® Senior Mentor in your region.

Mentor and Coach Roles

Who are FIRST Mentors and Coaches? Our team members say it best. A Mentor/Coach:

  • Can be a person of any age, teaching others what they know
  • Brings either technical or non-technical expertise to the team
  • Provides the opportunity for students to learn directly through experiences

Find out more about mentoring and coaching roles:

Request a Mentor

Here you can submit a request to have a mentor for your robotics team. Mentors are similar to coaches, as they help lead the team, but without the commitment level coaches have to their team.

Request a Mentor

Become a Mentor

Mentors are individuals who work with coaches and their teams to help guide the team throughout the course of the season. Your commitment level as a mentor will vary, as it is entirely up to you (as the mentor) to dictate how much time you dedicate to working with the robotics team.

Become a Mentor