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Charter for the creation of:

FIRST® Robotics Competition (FRC)
Mentor Advisory Committee (MAC)


To grow and develop a mentor community that engages and works collaboratively with FIRST in Texas to deliver the components of the FIRST® Robotics Competition Program to the students and teams of Texas and New Mexico.

Scope of Work

The Mentor Advisory Committee (MAC) is a standing body for the purpose of working with fellow mentors, volunteers and leadership of FIRST in Texas .

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Missed a MAC meeting? No worries! You can find all the previous meeting recordings below.

MAC meeting 2/20/2021

Steering Committee Members

Joyce W.
Mike H.
Robyn S.
Sergeant at Arms
Sam B.
Member At Large #1 
Evan M.
Member At Large #2
Gabe G.
Member At Large #3
James H.
Member At Large #4
Brad B.
Member At Large #5
Allen G.

Many of our mentors are alumni, teachers, parents, and employees  from FIRST in Texas statewide partners. Here are a few words they have to say about the impact of their involvement with FIRST.

“I love being able to transition into the mentorship role. I learned and gained so much from the program that I can't imagine not supporting it and giving back and trying to make that same change in some other student's life. ”

Parker Francis, Mentor - FRC 118 Robonauts & Alumni from FRC 148 Robotwranglers

“You get this kind of fun cycle in the community. So Parker is an FRC 148 alumni and he's mentoring FRC 118. And one of our mentors, Jesse is an FRC 118 alumni and now she's mentoring FRC 148 and so you get these fun relationships, which just helps the Texas FIRST community so much.”

Adrienne Emerson, Coach and Mentor FRC Team 148 Robowranglers

“I have been a mentor for students over the past 11 years and it is my honor to be able to support them as they choose the direction in which they want to take. In addition to mentoring students, I have been a supporter as the charity champion for FIRST at Dell and I still don't feel like I have come anywhere near to being able to give what was given to me when, when I was a student.”

John Pflueger, Ph.D - Mentor of FRC 2468 Team Appreciate