Texas Workforce Commission

Texas Workforce Commission

Thank You, Texas Workforce Commission!


Texas Workforce Commission supported programs encourage students to participate in science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) programs in order to promote pursuit of careers and educations in these in-demand fields.

The Texas Workforce Commission  grant serves as an opportunity to help develop new high school aged teams in the State of Texas, specifically teams composed of students with disabilities, coming from under-served, underrepresented, or financially limited communities, teams serving military bases, teams made up of home-schooled students, students who are economically disadvantaged, foster students, and teams in rural areas.

Featured on FIRST in Texas Talks: Beyond Graduation

TWC’s Labor Market and Career Information department provides many resources to help students, parents and educators with career exploration. Learn more about the tools students and parents can use to plan for education and careers beyond  graduation.

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Soft Skill Qualities

Think of the qualities this type of competition brings. It brings problem-solving, team building, and communication. All of those are soft skills employers are looking for in today’s workforce.

– Julian Alvarez, Labor Commissioner - Texas Workforce Commission

Celebrating Academic Achievements

“I got to hear this gentleman, his name was Dean Kamen. He’s focusing on the need to create a culture, a movement where we celebrate the accomplishments of students in an academic setting and create an environment where it’s truly celebrated. I was really onboard at that point.”

– Former Chairman Andres Alcantar, Texas Workforce Commission

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