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FIRST® in Texas is proud to have the support of leading technology, engineering, manufacturing, oil and gas, energy, financial services, and governmental organizations in Texas. Our partners have a vested interest in making inspirational STEM programming more accessible to Texas students because they know how influential hands-on learning experiences are when it comes time for students to make college and career decisions. Help make sure that every Texas student has the opportunity to participate in this exciting program that makes science and math as cool to kids as sports! Learn more about how you can support and invest in the ‘Every Kid Can Go Pro” mission of FIRST®.

Texas Workforce Commission Partner Spotlight

As a grant recipient of the Texas Workforce Commission since our founding in 2010, FIRST® in Texas has provided grants to thousands of high school robotics teams across Texas. More than half of those funds have been directed toward the development of new teams and new events that were created due to the addition of those teams.

FIRST in Texas Partner 10 Year Impact

Through partnerships with generous contributions from numerous Texas based companies and foundations, FIRST in Texas has disbursed more than $8,500,000 in team grants since 2010. During the 10 years of FIRST in Texas, robotics teams grew by 500%!