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FIRST® Robotics consists of transformative programs that introduce children aged 6-18 to the fun experience of problem solving by applying science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM), with the hope that these young people will eventually seek secondary educational opportunities and explore STEM careers.

We hope you will support these exciting student programs that make science, technology, engineering and math as cool for kids as sports.

FIRST® is structured to promote teamwork, cooperation and networking among teams. It is not uncommon to see engineers or students from one team working to program, repair and even enhance another team’s robot. These are opportunities for students to build the soft skills in communication and teamwork that employers seek in their potential employees.

FIRST® is not a science fair, nor is it like other science-based educational programs. The secret ingredient behind FIRST® is the relationship that develops between students and the adult role models who serve as their mentors. We believe if students are allowed to play with the pros, they will aspire to be like the pros.

We hope you will support these exciting student programs that make science, technology, engineering and math as cool for kids as sports.

Can you participate as a FIRST in Texas Official Statewide Partner or Event Sponsor?

We think you could be a good fit because:

  • The programs focus heavily on preparing the next generation of engineers in Texas.
  • We attract a significant audience of target-market adults.
  • We have a statewide reach that encompasses not only metropolitan areas but also unsaturated areas for development in rural regions. No matter what your demographic target are, FIRST® in Texas has outlets to reach your targets across the state.

In exchange for your support, your organization can be featured on print and electronic regional advertising and promoted at trainings and events throughout the  season.  Additionally, we will recognize your organization at Texas FIRST® Robotics events, which draw over 9,000 cheering fans – the culmination of months of student research, robot design, building and programming. Cash and in-kind donations will receive sponsor benefits.

If you are interested in supporting this dynamic program that cultivates tomorrow’s math and science heroes, please consider becoming a season sponsor at one of the levels described on the linked sponsorship benefits forms. Your company can choose to support FIRST® in Texas at many levels.  Please contact us, and we will be happy to work with you to identify the level that best fits your needs.

How Can We Invest In Texas?

1. Provide Mentors

There are many ways that you and your company can partner with FIRST® in Texas to support students involved with FIRST® Robotics teams. Role models have been cited as a key to impacting students’ decisions on exploring STEM in higher education and as a career choice. Spreading the word about mentorship opportunities with your company and network is a huge opportunity to engage your employees with the community and support students. FIRST® in Texas can arrange a site visit for a team to excite your employees about the innovative way they design, create, program, and drive their robot, and make mentor matches with local teams.

2. Provide Multi-Team Grants

For organizations interested in providing grants to multiple local or statewide teams
✓ Minimum contribution of $15,000.00 per season with a majority designated for unrestricted team
support. (Administration and reporting fees included)
✓ Minimum of five teams supported (any FIRST in Texas program)
✓ Donor can identify teams directly or allow FIRST in Texas to identify teams based on donor parameters
✓ Recognition on the FIRST in Texas website
✓ Recognition by funded teams per donor direction


3. Sponsor an Event

Sponsorship opportunities are available per area of the state or event and support the full season of competition with special recognition given at the district or regional events. Social media promotions and recognition will occur throughout the season. Some promotions are time sensitive to be included in program books or on volunteer t-shirts. All sponsors donating $2,500 or more will be listed in the UIL FRC State Championship program.

4. DONATION – click here to donate to FIRST in Texas

Thank You!

Your partnership with FIRST® in Texas will help ensure students have access to the unique learning experiences we offer through our programs. Through the resources our partners provide, they are helping build the school-to-career pipeline that will provide the motivation and opportunities to inspire young people to become the next generation of science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) professionals.