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FIRST in Texas now offers onsite professional development and education to equip educators and school districts through a customized onsite learning experience. The best part? Absolutely NO computer or technology experience required! Onsite training is customized to meet the needs of individual or teams of teachers and facilitators regardless of their prior coding, programming, or robotics experience for the following FIRST programs:

• FIRST® LEGO® League Jr. robotics program (grades K-4)
• FIRST® LEGO® League robotics program* (grades 4-8)
• FIRST® Tech Challenge robotics program* (grades 7-12)

What you can expect to learn based on course offerings:

STEM Educational Robotics Professional Development Recommended for Educators Grades 4th-8th

Course 1:  FIRST LEGO LEAGUE Basics for the Classroom Educator (Intro)

Course 2: Mindstorms Math- Teaching the Math TEKS with Robots (Intro)

Course 3: Forces, Motion &Robots- Teaching the Science TEKS with Robots (Intermediate)

Course 4: Authentic Assessment with FIRST LEGO LEAGUE School Events (Intermediate)

STEM Educational Robotics Professional Development Recommended for Grades 7-12

Skill 1: Structural, motion and hardware elements including wheels, gears, channels, flats & connectors

Skill 2: Basic competency in RobotC or Java coding for robotics

Skill 3: Math Fundamentals and Basic Movements with Motors

Skill 4: Basic Sensors – Sonar, Touch, and Light

Skill 5: Remote Control Skill 6: Competition Templates – Templates and Testing

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