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Students work in small teams ranging from two (2) to six (6) students using robotics kits made by LEGO®. Each team designs, builds, and programs their own robot to compete in a “sumo wrestling” type game.

Materials Needed
  • Laptop or equivalent for programming
  • LEGO Education Mindstorms EV3SPIKE Prime, or other LEGO robotics kit
  • LEGO Expansion sets (if desired)

Grants are available to help cover costs of materials!

Game & Tournament

Two (2) teams, against each other, compete in a four (4) foot by four (4) foot field with a 4.5-inch-thick black circle, thirty-five (35) inches inside-to-inside diameter. The objective of this game is to push the opponent’s robot outside of the black circle, in order for that robot to be called “out.” The robot that stays within the ring the longest wins.

    1. Teams are not allowed to touch the robot at any time during the match, unless requested by the Referee.
    2. Referees are allowed to restart a match if robots do not move each other or are locked together and not making progress toward the edge for more than fifteen (15) seconds.
    3. An example would include both robots getting caught with each other and continuously spinning without any progress moving to the ring.
    4. Teams are required to be at least eighteen (18) inches away from the field.
    5. The first team called up for a match gets to choose the order for placing the robots.
    6. A robot wins by pushing more than half of their opponent’s robot out of the ring.
    7. If the robot has long attachments, the Referee will make the judgment based on the main part of the robot.
    8. The robots start the match on opposite sides of the ring, facing opposite directions. Both robots should be inside the ring, close to the edge, either facing in a clockwise or counter-clockwise direction.

FIRST Access teams may have the opportunity to participate in local/regional events and/or be invited to participate in a State Championship event against other teams in the program. At the Championship, each team presents their robot and team attributes to judges and competes in a tournament-style competition.

2020-2021 Season

FIRST Access teams will be eligible to participate in the pilot FIRST Access State Event at Morgan’s Wonderlans in San Antonio on July 16th. Information on how to participate can be found here: There is no registration fee to compete in this event.