Texas Safety Policy

Ensuring consistent safety and security statewide is our paramount commitment at FIRST in Texas. Our Texas Safety and Security Guidelines are designed to meet the expectations of our valued participants, school administrators, and guests. Reinforcing our collective dedication to the well-being of the students, coaches and volunteers we serve through our amazing programs.

Safety and Security is a team effort. It starts with team leaders ensuring all adults working with children have received a background screening and youth protection training that meets state law. Coaches and mentors setting acceptable boundaries when working with students.

FIRST in Texas will strive to use reasonable safety and security measures to support coaches in safeguarding their students while attending one of our events. Learn more how we work together below.


FIRST and FIRST in Texas work together to provide impactful resources to coaches of teams to help safeguard and create boundaries with students.

Please take time to review the FIRST in Texas Youth Protection Resource page and adopt safeguards in the lab, during meetings and at our events.

Safety & Security is a TEAM EFFORT!

Youth Protection

FIRST in Texas has a general set of safety rules for all of the teams in Texas while at events or even working locally. We ask that all of our teams enforce these basic rules on and off the field and in all programs.

  1. Create a safe space. No bullying or shaming
  2. Gracious Professionalism ALWAYS!
  3. Enforce the FIRST in Texas Code of Conduct
  4. Ensure involvement of all team members through equity
  5. Immediately address bad behavior of both students and adult

For the FIRST Tech Challenge and FIRST Robotics Competition program, there are additional safety rules and regulations for teams on and off the field. While these are standing guidelines from FIRST in Texas, teams are free to impose additional equitable safety rules as necessary with our complete support.

FTC / FRC Safety Guidelines: (including the above)

  1. Wear safety glasses in the pits and in the competition area
  2. Do not wear open toe / heel shoes in the pits or in the competition area
  3. Secure any long hair or jewelry that may come in contact with moving parts of a robot while in the pits and competition area.
  4. Keep walkways clear around your pit, discard trash properly and secure any wires running along the floor.
  5. Report any suspicious or inappropriate behavior immediately to the Event Director / FIRST in Texas Staff member onsite.
  6. Follow instructions of staff and safety representatives.

Updated: Nov 16, 2023