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Team Spotlight: LASA Robotics


expo 4LASA Robotics team 4290 is part of an incredible system of support at the Liberal Arts and Science Academy, where the robotics program has a history of over 20 years. Because of this support base and a grant from the Texas Workforce Commission, team 4290 has great opportunities to introduce robotics to the community at events like the Austin Marathon Robotics Expo in early February.

Their strong recruitment strategies, leadership in camps and outreach events, and perseverance in the face of challenges sets team 4290 apart. Once, a robot broke three separate times during competition. The team regrouped and was able to borrow parts in order to fix the robot and finish the tournament. They are team who makes things work, using even parts from a leaf blower to get their robot where it needs to be.

The team is proud of the community they are part of. Everyone has a role they fulfill, from marketing and business to building the robot itself. New members join, thanks to the air of excitement in the team, and they learn from the older members, going on to mentor new team members themselves.

Robotics has led them all to amazing opportunities. Each member looks forward to using their robotics experience during their college years. One senior said it best: “Go crazy with robotics and you can go places.” In their case, it took them to win 2nd place Alliance at World Championships in St. Louis in April 2015. Congratulations, team!

We are glad to have the opportunity to support and spend time with teams like this one. We are seeking to spotlight amazing teams like this one, both on our website and in our media. Please let us know if you have an interested team, or if you want to know more about the impact of robotics in students’ lives!