Chris Culbert

Chris Culbert

Chairman of the BoardFIRST in Texas

Chief Technology Officer NASA - Johnson Space Center

Mr. Culbert has been a long time supporter of For Inspiration and Recognition of Science and Technology FIRST® and has served on the FIRST in Texas Foundation board for many years. He recently accepted the position of board chairman to continue the statewide mission of bringing FIRST programs to even more students in Texas.

Mr. Culbert has spent more than 30 years developing technologies and systems for human spaceflight at the Johnson Space Center. He is currently Chief Technology Officer  at NASA/Johnson Space Center where he is responsible for coordinating center level technology strategies for human spaceflight missions. During his career, he has managed the development of advanced technologies in robotics, automation, and software for Space Shuttle, Space Station, and advanced human missions. He has also led the agency’s Human Spaceflight Architecture team, developing concepts for human missions to deep space. He has led center wide teams to develop core information technology solutions such as consolidated networks and e-mail systems. He started his career as a flight controller in the Mission Control Center where he supported navigation analysis for a number of Space Shuttle missions.