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Texas Disposal Systems hosted FLL Teams for a great learning experience!


Texas Disposal Systems is excited to have partnered with FIRST on the FLL Trash Trek challenge! We’re so excited, in fact, that we invited local teams to our award winning landfill, recycling center and compost operation in November. The teams also had an opportunity to talk with one of our trash and recycling experts.

Texas Disposal Systems is the only fully integrated landfill in central Texas, meaning we process trash, recyclables and compost at one facility. Our headquarters in Creedmoor is just 10 miles south of downtown Austin.

Our business model is a bit different from a typical landfill in that our goal is to divert as much material from being buried as we can. What does go into the landfill is processed as environmentally friendly as possible. You won’t see buzzards at our facility and you definitely won’t smell the trash; that is one of the many things we are proud of. The FLL visit to TDS opened the student’s eyes to the importance of an environmentally conscious landfill, recycling center and compost operation.

FLL at TDSFLL teams from Austin had the opportunity to visit Texas Disposal Systems and learn more about real-life waste management solutions for Trash Trek!

Posted by Central Texas FIRST on Wednesday, January 27, 2016