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Texas Mentors Gather for Workshop


McKinney, Texas – This weekend, more than thirty mentors from across Texas gathered to participate in a Texas Mentor Workshop sponsored by FIRST® in Texas for coaches and mentors participating in the FIRST® Robotics Competition program. This event, presented by Allen Gregory IV, Andrew Hartnett, and Scott Rippetoe was hosted in workshop space generously provided by FIRST® Robotics Competition team 6369. Participants experienced an opportunity for mentors of all experience levels to learn from the experience of their peers, share from their own wealth of information, and network with one another in a more relaxed environment than the busy nature of competitions.

Events like this help to strengthen the bond in our statewide community and drive us forward as one. This workshop covered a wide spectrum of topics, from specific hardware and software recommendations to discussions of team organization and goal setting. Many of the participating mentors took the opportunity to ask questions of their peers, to learn and work to grow their own teams for the students they dedicate so much of their time to.

This weekend’s workshop is the second of three FRC mentor workshops to take place in Texas. The final Texas Mentor Workshop will take place in San Antonio on August 20th and 21st at Tech Port San Antonio.