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On this page you will find responses to frequently asked questions regarding the  UIL Robotics State Championship – FIRST Division. The FAQ are continually updated, so please review the FAQs any time you have a question about this event.  If you have further questions after reviewing the FAQs below, please contact us.

For other UIL Robotics relevant questions, you may also visit the UIL Robotics page and their FAQ, or send your questions to dtrussell@uiltexas.org.

  • Team Registration

    How do I know if my team is eligible for UIL Qualification and recognition?

    To be eligible for UIL recognition, a team must meet the following criteria:

    1. Each member of the team must be a full-time student at a UIL member school.
    2. Each student on the team must be eligible for participation as determined by applicable Texas law and school district policy.
    3. The majority of team members must be students in grades 9-12. The team must be identified as a high school based team.

    Questions regarding eligibility for UIL recognition can be sent to dtrussell@uiltexas.org.

    We have multiple FTC teams at our school. May they all qualify to participate?

    This season, each school may send just one team to compete at the UIL Robotics State Championship, as is typically the case with other UIL competitions. However, all students participating in other FTC teams at the school can be considered part of the school’s qualified team, participate at the competition, and receive recognition/awards as part of that single team.

    Individual schools can qualify both an FTC and and FRC team to compete at the UIL Robotics State Championship.

  • Competition

    Will uil teams compete in tiers Based on School Size?

    FIRST Robotics Competition teams will not compete in tiers.

    FIRST Tech Challenge teams will compete in two tiers; 1A to 4A schools and 5A to 6A schools.

    What game will teams compete in at the competition?

    FRC: Teams will participate in the 2020 FIRST Robotics Competition Game: INFINITE RECHARGE.

    FTC: Teams will participate in the 2019-2020 FIRST Tech Challenge Game: SKYSTONE .

  • Students

    Can seniors graduating in 2020 participate?

    Yes. This event corresponds with the 2019-2020 school year and competition season, so graduating seniors are eligible to participate.

    Are there time limits on weekly student involvement?

    Following the end of the school year, there are no time limits on weekly student involvement during the summer. During the regular school year, state laws apply. Under state law, for each extracurricular activity a school district must limit students to a maximum of eight hours of practice and rehearsal outside the school day per school week, excluding weekends and holidays. (A school week is defined as Monday through the end of the regular school day on Friday.) Public school-based robotics teams are already subject to this rule regardless of whether they participate in the UIL State Championship.

  • Awards

    How are the WINNING teams recognized?

    UIL eligible teams will be recognized based on their performance at the UIL Championship. Exact awards will be announced at a later date.

    Will non-robot performance based awards be presented at the event?

    Other awards may be presented by both UIL and FIRST in Texas. The list of awards is available here.