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Volunteer Equity and Inclusion in Texas


As the Executive Director of FIRST in Texas, I am proud to address our vibrant community of volunteers, supporters, and advocates. Today, I want to emphasize the profound importance of volunteerism within our organization and underscore the values that guide our collective efforts.

Volunteerism lies at the core of our mission to inspire and empower the next generation of innovators and problem-solvers. It is through the dedication and generosity of our volunteers that we are able to reach over 30,000 K-12 students across all 254 counties of Texas. Your commitment not only facilitates the success of our programs but also serves as a beacon of hope and opportunity for countless young minds.

However, the significance of volunteerism transcends mere participation; it embodies the spirit of inclusivity and diversity that defines our great state of Texas. We recognize that the richness of our community lies in its diversity—in ethnicity, age, and abilities. It is imperative that our volunteer base reflects this vastness, ensuring that every child, regardless of background, feels represented and welcomed within our programs.

At FIRST in Texas, we remain steadfast in our commitment to fostering an inclusive environment where all individuals, regardless of their differences, are valued and respected. We believe in the power of diverse perspectives to drive innovation and creativity, and we are dedicated to amplifying the voices of every volunteer.

In pursuit of this vision, we expect all volunteers to embrace the principles of Gracious Professionalism and adhere to the FIRST Code of Conduct. These guiding principles not only uphold the highest standards of ethical behavior but also promote collaboration, empathy, and mutual respect among all members of our community.

While we welcome constructive dialogue and diverse viewpoints, we will not condone any form of discrimination, prejudice, or exclusion within our organization. Those who do not embrace our commitment to inclusivity will be asked to reconsider their role as volunteers.

Together, let us continue to build a culture of inclusivity and belonging within FIRST in Texas—a culture where every volunteer plays an integral role in shaping the future of our youth. Your dedication, passion, and unwavering support are the driving force behind our success, and for that, we are deeply grateful.

Thank you for your continued commitment to FIRST in Texas, and may we always strive to uphold the values of diversity, inclusion, and respect in all that we do.

Warm regards,

Jason Arms, Executive Director
FIRST in Texas