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first-ftc17-velocityvortex-q-rgbA few weeks ago the FIRST® Tech Challenge was released and stated that this would be the most incredible game yet and they sure did get it right. The game design committee and all of the FIRST® Tech Challenge sponsors centered this year’s challenge, VELOCITY VORTEX on the foundation of the core value of Gracious Professionalism℠. This year’s game challenge is one that encourages you and your team to be the innovators, the dreamers and the visionaries to make this year’s challenge the best one yet.

There are so many different ways for your team to use its inventiveness and ingenuity to create a competitive robot to meet both the game requirements and the point opportunities of VELOCITY VORTEX℠. 

Throughout this game process remember to capture the journey from start of finish and everything in-between to share with your fans and followers. From team meetings to the build process, coding, fundraising, and participation in community outreach events. Your team can also share your experiences with the FIRST in Texas community by reaching out to us on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.

Good luck to your team and we can’t wait to see what your great minds can do to meet the challenge of VELOCITY VORTEX℠.