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Alamo Regional FTC Regional Championship


Congratulations to all participating teams, Dean’s List Nominees, and Finalists. The Alamo Region is advancing 13 teams to the 2018 FIRST Tech Challenge South Super Regional:
7161 ViperBots Hydra
12670 Eclipse
9829 MAKBots
4546 ViperBots SnakeByte
13719 Thelma Salinas STEM ECHS
12928 LightSaders
7615 Mustang Sallies
13521 MetalHawks-Alpha
5628 The Tau Manifesto
6209 ViperBots Venom
12392 Zeus
9048 Philobots
11503 ViperBots Hyperfang

Alamo Region FIRST Tech Challenge Dean’s List Finalists

These fine representatives of Alamo FIRST will participate in special events for Dean’s List Finalists at the FIRST Tech Challenge South World Championship in Houston.
Yedhartha “Si” Chinnasani , Team 10862
Adrian Garcia, Team 4749
Joanna Cao, Team 9829
Dylan Watson, Team 4008

Learn more about the upcoming FIRST Tech Challenge South Super-Regional Championship or watch the live video stream to follow all of our teams representing Texas.