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End of Year Giving: Make an Impact


We’re overwhelmed with gratitude by the support we have received for FIRST in Texas over the last 10 years. Thanks to our mentors, coaches, volunteers, and sponsors, we’re inspiring students as young as four and five in the fields of science, technology, engineering, and math. If you would like to be a part of the incredible momentum we’ve created with FIRST in Texas, we hope you’ll consider supporting FIRST in Texas with your end of year giving. With FIRST, it’s more than a donation. It’s an investment in our future.

Why Give?

The reasons are varied, but one thing our volunteers, mentors, teachers, parents, and statewide partners can agree on is that we are all proud to support a program that makes such a difference in the lives of Texas students. Here are a few words about the impact of [first] from the FIRST in Texas Board of Directors:

“One reason I give is to ensure that Texas has the technical workforce needed for the 21st century.” —Chris Culbert, Chairman, FIRST in Texas Board

“One of the reasons I give is because I have been involved in FIRST for over 16 years and I know the program works. I’ve seen amazing students become even more amazing adults. I’m passionate about giving back and being part of that transition for students. I can see the direct impact!” —Cindy Strong, FIRST in Texas Board

“I give because I really care about creating a future generation of leaders in our business, scientific, and local communities that can be more effective members of our society to help us move forward together.” — Eric J. van Gemeren, FIRST in Texas Board

Take Action

If you’re ready to take action, here are a few ways you can support FIRST in Texas:

  • Donate: Any amount is gratefully received! It will go toward supporting the students in their FIRST experience.
  • Match: Check if your employer has a matching program. Many do and it’s a great way to make your donation have twice the impact!

For example, below is a list of FIRST in Texas Statewide Partners with *matching programs. Your employer may have a similar program.

Phillips 66 – 1:1 Matching between $25-$15,000 + Volunteer Grants
Dell Technologies – 1:1 Matching between $10-$10,000 + Volunteer Grants
Bechtel – 1:1 $100-$1,000
NI – 1:1 Matching between $25-$1,000
Qualcomm – 1:1 Matching between $50-$5,000 + Volunteer Grants
Toyota Motor Corp – 1:1 Matching between $25-$5,000 + Volunteer Grants
Applied Materials – 1:1 Matching between $25-$2,000 + Volunteer Grants
Texas Instruments – 1:1 Matching between $25-$10,000 + Volunteer Grants
Booz Allen Hamilton – Volunteer Grants
Lockheed Martin – 1:1 Matching between $25-$10,000
Apple – 1:1 Matching between $1-$10,000 + Volunteer Grants
PwC – 1:1 Matching between $50-$10,000 + Volunteer Grants
SM Energy – 1:1 Matching between $25-$1,000
Xcel Energy – 1:1 Matching between $50-$2,000 + Volunteer Grants
Union Pacific – 2:1 Matching between $25-$25,000 for educational institutions + Volunteer Grants
Samsung 1:1 Matching between $25-$2,500
CenterPoint Energy 1:1 Matching between $50-$5,000 + Volunteer Grants
Williams 1:1 Matching between $25-$10,000

* Information based on results from the matching search form on the FIRST Inspires website. Specific details can be found on each company’s respective employer matching program site.

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Thank You for Your Support!

Thank you for investing in Texas. We appreciate you and proudly recognize our sponsors, volunteers, and proponetsdonat in various publications and online throughout the year. We are so grateful for your dedication and ongoing support of STEM-inspired youth—this year and always.

This concludes our three-part series on giving. Read other posts in the series: FIRST in Texas Programs Challenged and Giving is an Investment in the Next Generation of STEM Leaders and Innovators.