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[first] in Texas Programs Challenged


Just as COVID has created devastation in our country, so too has it created extreme challenges for FIRST program support, putting students’ education and our statewide future workforce at risk. 

To continue our commitment to our students, parents, and partners during the pandemic, we have dramatically adapted our programs with innovative virtual solutions. We expanded our reach and resources at an increased production cost with significantly less funding.

For many students, parents, and program partners the economic impact of COVID has created frustration and uncertainty. All of our students have been learning new skills, have designed and redesigned their robots and learned the value of failure, They use their participation in FIRST for their college admissions.  Our students and partners deserve the FIRST in Texas programs that build the necessary STEM skills needed to strengthen the school-to-STEM career pipeline. Inspiring the next generation of leaders and innovators is more than a tagline. It is what we do day after day, season after season, and we can only continue with your financial support.

As partners in securing a diverse skilled workforce, WE need your support NOW to continue to serve FIRST in Texas teams and students!

I support FIRST Programs in Texas!


How your support impacts the future of STEM

Investing in our future is one of the most important decisions you can make to ensure the youth of Texas are well prepared for high-demand STEM careers. FIRST programs prepare underserved and underrepresented students for more advanced coursework and higher paying career options through the rigors of competitive robotics.

Did you know…

  • Your $5,000 donation directly benefits 58 students?
  • Your $10,000 donation directly benefits 117 students?
  • Your $25,000 donation directly benefits 294 students?

These are students like Irene:

“I decided to try it [robotics] out for myself…I’m glad I did, because it strengthened my ability to interact and coexist with others, it improved my social interaction skills, and I learned the highs and lows of competition.” —Irene, LadyBots (FRC Team 6664)

The LadyBots robotics team is made up of teen mothers who attend the Sonia Sotomayor Early College High School in Pharr, Texas along the South Texas border. This award winning all-girls team was the Highest Rookie Seed and Judges Award selection in 2017 at the Alamo Regional. Most recently they won the Imagery Award which “celebrates attractiveness in engineering and outstanding visual aesthetic integration of machine and team appearance” at the 2020 Dripping Springs FRC District event. Accolades and recognition aside, it is easy to see how their participation on a FIRST team goes far beyond robots or awards.   Hear directly from these young women as they share the impact FIRST has had in their lives.


Your Support is Critical 

Girls in Texas Impact Stats Excerpt from FIRST in Texas Impact doc: 35% Girl Participation = !2,660 girls and young women on a FIRST robotics team during 2019-2020 seasonIn order to continue providing
FIRST programs and STEM training for students all across Texas your financial support is needed now!

Here’s how you can ensure that FIRST programs are available to support more young women like Irene and protect the future of FIRST programs in Texas.

  1. Click the ‘I Support Girls in STEM!’  button
  2. Pick your level of support (monthly or one-time)
  3. Forward this post to your friends, coworkers, and family

I support Girls in STEM!

The future of FIRST programs in Texas and the impact we have on thousands of STEM-inspired young women is in your hands. 

This is the first in a FIRST in Texas Impact series in advance of Giving Tuesday on December 1, 2020. The second post in the series, “Giving is An Investment” is available now. Contact us to find out how you can be a game changer in the lives of girls and young women across Texas.