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Change in FTC Technology


PrintFTC teams have a whole new challenge to look forward to next year: mastering new technology. While we are still waiting for further details from US FIRST, they have begun to answer some basic questions about what the new tech will be and how it will work. See this document (.pdf) for details on purchasing this equipment.

In the midst of this change is an opportunity for good. FTC teams, please consider donating your old NXT kits to FLL teams in your area. You may not need it anymore, but it could help a local FLL team go further next year.

If you are in the Austin area and want to participate, our FLL Partner Noah Bickford is coordinating the effort. Contact him today to learn more or let him know you’re interested in donating! If you are not in Austin, talk to FLL teams in your area to see what they need or ask your FTC partner if you can set up a system for donation in your region. Head over to our Contacts page to find the FTC Partner in your region.