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Girls and STEM: What Factors Matter?


Girls and STEM: What Factors Matter?

Google Diversity has taken steps to see what factors make a difference in a girl’s decision to engage in STEM learning and like any scientist, we know that research needs to be applied in order to be useful. Consider the facts and suggestions below to encourage more girls to join in the robotics fun!

Google reports: 28% of a girl’s decision is Encouragement

Encourage the girls in your life to try out coding or robotics! Actively suggest places and activities that will let them try it and ask them about the projects they decide to take on.

Google reports: 27.5% of a girl’s decision is Career Perception

Make sure that when you talk about the potential careers in STEM, you talk about all facets of the job. How do computer scientists help people? How do engineers creatively solve problems? Don’t let them walk away thinking it’s only about numbers.

Google reports: 17% of a girl’s decision is Self-Perception

If a girl in your life thinks that she isn’t a “math/science person,” make sure she keeps asking questions about the concepts that challenge her instead of letting her accept it as part of her identity. Everyone can be a STEM person given the right tools.

Google reports: 22.4% of a girl’s decision is Academic Exposure

What resources that teach STEM skills are in your area? If a girl you know is interested, invite her to a robotics meeting or a coding day at the library to make her she gets to explore that interest. If there are currently no workshops or meetings in your area, consider starting your own!

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