Team Grant FAQs

How is our Rookie or Veteran team status determined?

When are Team Grants awarded?

How will we receive our Team Grant Award funds?

If we receive a team grant, are there additional requirements?

  • All teams who receive a Team Grant from FIRST in Texas will need to complete additional requirements, depending on the type of Grant they receive.
  • All Teams who receive a Grant are required to:
    • Complete payment of the National Registration Fee within 4 weeks of receiving a grant award.
    • Complete the End-of-Season Report (released in March).
    • Recognize their Grantors – see our page on Team Engagement for ideas
    • Participate in a FIRST event
  • Additional requirements (depending on the grant) may include:
    • Providing payment and/or shipping information
    • Submitting a TWC Roster
    • Submitting information on how to allocate grant funds
    • Submitting receipts for purchases made
  • You will receive a Grant Checklist along with your Grant Award Notification Email that will list any additional requirements for the type of grant you receive. 
  • Failure to complete any grant requirements will result in a team / school / organization’s ineligibility to receive FIRST in Texas Team Grants for one full season following the current season.

How is a team’s eligibility determined for grant awards?

How will we know if we receive a Team Grant?

What happens if we don’t receive a Team Grant?

  • If your team is NOT selected to receive an award in Round 1, you will receive a notification email indicating that your submission has been Declined for Round 1.
  • Within 72 hours, your submission will be re-opened for editing, should you need to make any changes. 24 hours (or earlier) prior to the start of Round 2 reviews, your submission will be closed and placed back in the “In Progress” queue for review in Round 2. This process will be repeated for any subsequent rounds in which your team does not receive an award.