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Texas Instruments wants FIRST Alumni Interns!



Texas Instruments wants FIRST Alumni Interns!Looking for more experience in the STEM fields? Texas Instruments wants [first] alumni to fill their upcoming summer internships. Texas Instruments offers a robust internship program with opportunities that challenge students to tackle real-world projects and get hands-on experience and insight into a variety of engineering and business roles. The collaborative environment encourages interns to learn more about the company, network with each other, and get access and mentoring from top TI and industry leaders.

Interns will be set up with a supervisor and buddy to help them navigate through resources at TI and make connections. Texas Instruments offers flexible schedules, excellent competitive benefits and volunteer activities through community involvement.

TI intern summer activities include:

  • DIY with TI Design Challenge
  • Intern and New Employee networking and social events
  • Open Exchange with TI Chairman and CEO

Our brilliant [first] alumni will make great candidates for this internship. Apply today!