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Have You Thanked Your Sponsors?


Have You Thanked Your Sponsors?Now that the official season of events is over, it’s time to thank your sponsors! [first] in Texas wants to help you with this process, so please take a look at our Sponsor Thanks and Team Engagement pages for important tips.

What is the purpose of these actions? How can we make sure sponsors are getting what they need out of the relationship? Here are 4 important considerations:

  • Sponsors want to know they are making a difference

Their gifts are motivated by a desire to see a positive change in the team they are supporting. Make sure they know how important their gift was through telling a story about your season success!

  • Sponsors want to feel appreciated

A heartfelt thanks from a team will help solidify a positive relationship with your sponsor. Make sure it’s personal and meaningful.

  • Sponsors want to know their gifts were set to work as intended

To thank them for their gift towards robotics, show them specifically what the award did for your robotics team.

  • Sponsors want to feel included and “in the know”

Make sure that your sponsors are invited to your events and hear about your stories from the season. It helps make the sponsorship relationship more meaningful when they are actively involved in news.