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Team Spotlight: “Fear the Bow” with the Bronc Botz


Looking for a way to show off your support for girls in robotics? The Bronc Botz may have your answer. They stole the show at the Alamo Region FTC Championships this past spring with their wonderful outreach and fundraising project.

They concocted a plan to sell t-shirts with a clever design featuring the phrase “Fear the Bow.” The design was inspired by FLL girls in their area who wanted to see teams like them supported in marketing materials. Right now, they’re hyping them up by wearing bows at all their competitions, but soon they hope to start printing and selling the shirts. Someday, they hope for it to be a national campaign in cooperation with FIRST nationally! The money raised will support girls in robotics through a scholarship program.

The Bronc Botz consist of multiple teams at multiple levels in their area, each committed to mentoring younger teams in their area and looking forward to starting an all-girls team at the high school level. Their enthusiasm shines through, with everyone talking about the importance of giving knowledge to the world though their robotics learning. The teams love the opportunity to meet new people at competitions, and they know that the focus of FIRST goes beyond the robot itself. They are proud to approach all things with professionalism and respect.

Their hard work is paying off – they had a rookie team at Super-Regionals this past year! We can’t wait to see what these young engineers accomplish, both on the robotics field and for young girls interested in STEM across the world.