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Texas FRC Teams Participate in STEM Zone at Discovery Green


Houston-area FIRST Robotics Competition teams 3735 VorTX and 1477 Texas Torque were invited by NRG to represent FIRST inside the STEM Zone. The teams were challenged with building a robot that could throw a football for distance and accuracy, then had the opportunity to showcase their robots to kids in attendance at the event and lead a hands-on activity.

We asked FRC Team 3735 VorTX a few questions about their experience at this event. See their responses below, and don’t miss this video featuring both teams from HTV Houston Television!

Big thanks to VorTX and Texas Torque for doing such a great job in fulfilling the mission of FIRST – to inspire kids in STEM.

Interview with FRC Team 3735 VorTX

FIRST in Texas: Your team built a football robot to compete in the Football Robotics Showcase. What was it like when you were invited to participate in this event?

VorTX: We were extremely excited to have been invited to participate! It was unlike any event we’ve gotten to participate in, and it was an invigorating start to the school year.

FIRST in Texas: FRC teams are no strangers to community outreach. How was this event in comparison to other community outreach events?

VorTX: This event was one of the largest community outreach events we have been to, reaching out to an audience larger than we could have imagined. It was a humbling experience to be able to help represent FIRST in Texas.

FIRST in Texas: What does participating in events like these outside of the normal robotics season mean to the team?

VorTX: Participating in community outreach events means a lot to us. We are thrilled to be able to spread the message of FIRST and enrich our community with STEM, inspiring the next generation of workers to pursue STEM related careers.

FIRST in Texas: Thank you FRC Team 3735 VorTX for sharing your experience!