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What Does UIL Robotics Mean for the Alamo Region?


We know you have heard the amazing announcement about FIRST Robotics being chosen as part of the UIL Robotics pilot program here in Texas. You can learn more about it on the FIRST in Texas website.

We sat down with Patrick Felty, Alamo Regional Director to get his thoughts.

  1. What YOU think this announcement means for the Alamo Region?

As Central and South Texas continues to become a high-tech community, having the UIL recognize and promote Competitive Robots in the same fashion as traditional sporting events will help our STEM community to grow faster and bigger resulting in a workforce that will continue make Texas a great place to live.

  1. How many students will the UIL opportunity impact in the Alamo Region?

With more than 5,000 students in Central and South Texas already participating in FIRST programs, we anticipate that our partnership with UIL will more than double the student involvement next season.

  1. What does this mean for parents?

As more school districts across the state look to add competitive robotics to their curriculum, your child will now have an opportunity to excel in an organized mentor based program where they will learn 21st century work skills and interact with industry leaders.

  1. What does this mean for students?

You will now be able to enjoy a program that is recognized at the state level in the same way that band, athletics and other UIL programs are.

  1. What does this mean to potential sponsors?

An educated workforce is key to accelerating our economy. Providing resources focused on supporting teams and events is a great way to not only build a pipeline of future employees, but also ensures your current workforce stays engaged.

  1. What does this mean to school administrators?

UIL, FIRST in Texas and their partners will provide training workshops and professional development opportunities for your staff and students to be successful.   Studies have clearly shown that students participating in FIRST have a higher rate of graduation and more opportunities to go to college than average students.

  1. What does this mean to mentors?

With more teams forming in the near future, there is a greater need for mentors to share their knowledge and skills.

  1. Finally ….what does this mean for you?

Our partnership with UIL is a great success and shows that our state leaders believe in our mission and have a true vision for a bright future for the great state of Texas.