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Volunteer Spotlight: Volunteer Coordinator

Volunteer Spotlight: Volunteer CoordinatorBeing a Volunteer Coordinator (VC) is a rewarding experience. You can enjoy the community FIRST volunteer programs create and gain experience in the tasks or skills you love. But what precisely does it mean to be a Volunteer Coordinator with FIRST? We interviewed Joseph Beckman, one of our San Antonio VC’s to learn what the … Continue reading Volunteer Spotlight: Volunteer Coordinator

2019 Global Innovation Award Recap

2019 Global Innovation Award RecapFor the first time in many years, a FIRST LEGO League team from the Alamo Area was selected as one of the 20 Semi-Finalists for the Global Innovation Award: meet the Quadships, from San Antonio! This rookie all-girls team is made up of Amity, Eden, Faith, and Zoe, 4th and 5th graders from a San … Continue reading 2019 Global Innovation Award Recap

Alamo Regional FTC Regional Championship

Alamo Regional FTC Regional ChampionshipCongratulations to all participating teams, Dean’s List Nominees, and Finalists. The Alamo Region is advancing 13 teams to the 2018 FIRST Tech Challenge South Super Regional: 7161 ViperBots Hydra 12670 Eclipse 9829 MAKBots 4546 ViperBots SnakeByte 13719 Thelma Salinas STEM ECHS 12928 LightSaders 7615 Mustang Sallies 13521 MetalHawks-Alpha 5628 The Tau Manifesto 6209 ViperBots Venom … Continue reading Alamo Regional FTC Regional Championship

Alamo FIRST LEGO League: Event Sign-Ups

Alamo FIRST LEGO League: Event Sign-UpsFIRST LEGO League Event Season is almost here! All Registered FIRST LEGO League teams in the Alamo Region will be able to participate in a Qualifier Tournament. Some teams will be assigned to a particular event date and location (based on geographic location or if their school district is hosting events), while others will be able to select … Continue reading Alamo FIRST LEGO League: Event Sign-Ups

2017 Alamo FIRST LEGO League Updates

2017 Alamo FIRST LEGO League UpdatesThe Alamo Region FIRST LEGO League season has begun! For the most up-to-date information, team coaches, mentors, and parents are encouraged to do the following: Subscribe for Team Newsletters Follow the Alamo FIRST Region Facebook page Create a Schoology account and join the Alamo FIRST LEGO League Teams Course – see this page for instructions (click … Continue reading 2017 Alamo FIRST LEGO League Updates

Alamo Regional Championship Winners!

Alamo Regional Championship Winners!Alamo FIRST congratulates the winners of our FIRST Tech Challenge Regional Championship and FIRST LEGO League East & West Division Regional Championships! FIRST Tech Challenge Regional Championship Feb. 23rd – 25th, 2017 Veteran’s Memorial High School Teams Advancing to the South Super Regional Championship Inspire Award 6299 ViperBots QuadX Winning Alliance Captain 11549 Rhomans Inspire Award … Continue reading Alamo Regional Championship Winners!

FTC South Super-Regional Winners

FTC South Super-Regional WinnersCongratulations to all of the great teams that competed at the 2015-2016 FTC South Super-Regional event in San Antonio on March 9-11, 2016. Click HERE for a list of all winning teams (highlighted teams will be advancing to the FTC World Championships)  

2016 Alamo Regional Pit Maps

2016 Alamo Regional Pit MapsHere are links to the 2016 Alamo Regional Pit Maps      FRC Pit Map     FTC Pit Map     FLL Pit Map